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Michelle's: A Canadian Soap Opera (Pilot: Come to Mama)

Michelle (Angela Galanopoulos) rallies her staff for a busy night. Donna (Elizabeth Bowen) can’t take the pressure, while Tanya (Clare Filipow) bites off more than she can chew. Rene (Andrew Barber) knows what the guy at table 4 wants and won’t have any of it. Hank (Cameron Bancroft), and Veronica (Amy Goodmurphy) slither in with big news that rocks Michelle’s world.

Episode 2: Lunch is for Troglodytes

Everyone loves Michelle’s (Angela Galanopoulos) new look. She recruits a new belle (Ese Atawo) and has a secret meeting in the forest with Jerry (Colin Mochrie). Donna (Elizabeth Bowen) runs a training exercise with Tanya (Clare Filipow). A surprise awaits Rene (Andrew Barber) when he pays a visit to the Flavour Junction.

Episode 3: Calling In Sick

Donna (Elizabeth Bowen) serves tables via landline. Michelle (Angela Galanopoulos) has an awkward encounter with Hank (Cameron Bancroft). Rene (Andrew Barber) is plagued with guilt from the night before. Learning about chess is hot for pro-gamer Damien (Malcolm McLeod). Gio (Sage Brocklebank) comes back to taunt Tanya (Clare Filipow). Michelle lays down the law.

Episode 4 : A Queen's Cowboy

The Belles pitch a commercial, while tempers get hot in the kitchen between Rene (Andrew Barber) and Michelle (Angela Galanopoulos). There’s peacocking at the Flavour Junction and Michelle gets a warning from Linda (Diana Bang) about Hank’s (Cameron Bancroft) dirty plans. Tanya’s (Clare Filipow) past comes back to haunt her.

Episode 5: Foodie Feud

Michelle (Angela Galanopoulos) launches Gelatine Supreme night, has sweet talk with Don Alderman (Cameron MacLeod) about her liquor license, and claws at Veronica (Amy Goodmurphy). Things get intense when a food blogger (Jackie Blackmore) shows up at Michelle’s. Hank’s (Cameron Bancroft) capacity for evil is truly revealed.

SEASON FINALE - Episode 6: Newsworthy

Michelle (Angela Galanopoulos) receives damaging press (Fiona Forbes). No one knows Rene’s (Andrew Barber) whereabouts. Constable O’Brien (Ryan Cowie) investigates, while Hank (Cameron Bancroft) begins to crack under the pressure. Things all come to a boiling point at Michelle’s. Big secrets are finally revealed.

About 'Michelle's'


Michelle Gidard rules the fine-dining throne in Hope, BC when a man from her past returns determined to destroy her queendom.

You don’t become the queen of late-night dining without making a few enemies. Michelle Gidard is the owner and proprietor of Michelle’s Restaurant, located in the small town of Hope, BC, and business is booming. That is, until a devilish man from her past, Hank Devereux, pays Michelle a visit and reveals that he has bought a competing restaurant across the highway. Just one of the many tricks up his sleeve. The times are changing, and Hank’s restaurant brings something new and exciting from the big city: fusion food. Goodbye Chicken a-la King, hello Shanghai Noodle Burgers. He’ll use her dark past against her, and will stop at nothing to steal her seat on the late-night fine-dining throne. As Michelle’s business and personal life crumble around her, will she be able to keep it together


Creators & Writers

Andrew and Angela are cool funny dudes!

The Who's Who of Hope, BC

Michelle's Belles


Michelle Gidard - Angela Galanopoulos

Donna - Elizabeth Bowen

Tanya - Clare Filipow

Felicia - Ese Atawo

Michelle's Kitchen


Rene Gidard - Andrew Barber

Alphonse - Max Boateng 

Sous Chef Janet - Jessica Charbonneau

Flavour Junction


Hank Deveraux - Cameron Bancroft

Veronica Beauclair - Amy Goodmurphy

Linda - Diana Bang

People of Hope


Barbara - Ellie Harvie 

Dick - Alex Kliner

Bernard - Arthur Baldry 

Winston - Angus Jordan

Tea Lady - Christine Willes

Sombre Mom - Eliza Norbury

Sombre Boy - Ezra Smith

Tina - Julia Helen Church

Tomato Salad Man - Nathan Clark

Seafood Neptune Man - Rob Egger

People of Hope


Jerry - Colin Mochrie 

Alderman Don Alderman - Cameron MacLeod

CST O'Brien - Ryan Cowie

Giovanni - Sage Brocklebank

Paulie - Paul Belsito 

Mark Jones - Marke Driesschen

Reporter #2 - Fiona Forbes

Reporter #3 - Zen Shane Lim

Susanna - Jackie Blackmore

Briar-Rose - Vera Frederickson

Rodrigo -  Ernesto Ponce

People of Hope


Brouton - Aamir Khan

Wine Woman - Caitlin Howden

Wine Man - Taz Van Rassel

Damian - Malcolm McLeod

Edna - Barbara Wallace

Belle #1 - Stephanie Webster

Belle #2 - Rania Hatzioannou

Belle #3 - Mercedes De La Cruz

Belle #4 - Rae Lynn Carson

Belle #5 -  Caitlin Davidson

Kid #1 - Aias Dalman

Kid #2 - Daphne Hoskins



Executive Producer: Andrew Barber

Executive Producer: Angela Galanopoulos

Producer: Athena Russell

Producer: Matt Brascia

Director: Andrew Barber

1st AD: Athena Russell

2nd AD: Stephanie Webster

3rd AD: Jakob Skrzypa


Production Design: Jamie Chrest

Script Supervisor: Megs Calleja 

Director of Photography: Matt Brascia 

1st AC:  Mitchell Rowland

Grip/Gaffer: Zackery Jackson

Sound Recordist: Nicholas Schorn 

Mixer/Boom Operator: Myles Regnier

DIT: Chiara Ferrari


Key Makeup: Alexandra Zenchuk

Makeup Assist: Brenna Cox

Makeup Assist: Morgan Spencer-Lang

Makeup Assist: Melanie Whittome

Key Hair: Angela Ohana

Wardrobe: Georgia Hartman 

Choreographer: Saskia Wedding

Stunt Coordinator: Mike Kovac

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Michelle's: A Canadian Soap Opera